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Academic Centres Policy Governance
Academic Governance of non-ECTS CPD Provision Policy Teaching and Learning
Academic Progression Policy Employment @ UCD
Admissions Policy Student
Adoptive & Surrogacy Leave Policy Employment @ UCD
Animals On Campus Policy Student
Annual Leave Policy and Procedure Employment @ UCD
Anti- Fraud and Corruption Policy Finance
Assessment Appeals Policy Assessment
Authorship Policy Research, Innovation and Impact
Bereavement Leave Policy Employment @ UCD
Breastfeeding Policy Employment @ UCD
Bullying & Harassment Policy Employment @ UCD
Career Break Policy Employment @ UCD
Carers Leave Policy Employment @ UCD
Child Protection Policy & Guidelines Employment @ UCD
Child Safeguarding Statement Governance
Conference Allowance Policy Employment @ UCD
Conflict Resolution for Supervisor(s) and Graduate Research Students Policy Student
Conflict of Interest Policy Employment @ UCD
Consultancy and External Work Policy Employment @ UCD
Consumption of Alcohol on Campus Policy Student
Continuation – Academic Progress Policy and Procedures Student
Core Meeting Hours Policy Employment @ UCD
Credit Card Policy Finance
Data Request Policy Information Technology
Device Protection Policy Information Technology
Employee Code of Conduct Policy Employment @ UCD
Employee Concessions Policy Employment @ UCD
Employee File Access Request Policy Employment @ UCD
Employee Volunteering Policy Employment @ UCD
Employee-Student Relationship Policy Employment @ UCD
Employment Contract Management Policy Post Doctoral Research Staff (Humanities and Social Sciences) Employment @ UCD
Employment Contract Management Policy Post Doctoral Research Staff (SET) Employment @ UCD
Engaging Research and Teaching-Active Retired Faculty Employment @ UCD
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy Employment @ UCD
Export Control Policy Research, Innovation and Impact
Extenuating Circumstances Student
Faculty Promotion Policy Employment @ UCD
Fitness to Continue in Study Policy and Procedures Student
Flexi-Time Policy Employment @ UCD
Force Majeure & Medical Care Leave Policy Employment @ UCD
Full Time/Part Time Study and Student Workload Policy Student
Funded Research Activity Policy Research, Innovation and Impact
Garda Vetting Policy - Faculty and Staff Employment @ UCD
Gender Balance On Committees Policy Employment @ UCD
Gender Identity & Expression Policy Employment @ UCD
General Delegation Protocol Employment @ UCD
Grievance Policy & Procedure Employment @ UCD
HR Training & Development Policy Employment @ UCD
Head of School Appointment Process Policy Employment @ UCD
Health and Safety Management Policy Corporate
High Performance Athlete Academic Flexibility Policy Student
Hospitality and Entertainment Policy Governance
Induction and Award of Tenure to the Grades of Lecturer Assistant Professor Associate Professor Policy Governance
Information Technology Services Acceptable Use Policy Information Technology
Intellectual Property Policy Research, Innovation and Impact
Inter-Institutional Co-Supervisory Agreements Policy Governance
Internal Mobility Policy Employment @ UCD
Internships/Work Practice Experience: Guidelines and Good Practice Teaching and Learning
Job Grading and Evaluation of Roles Above SAO4 Policy Employment @ UCD
Job Sharing for Non-Academic Staff Policy Employment @ UCD
Job Sharing for Technical Staff Policy Employment @ UCD
Job Sizing of Administrative Roles Policy Employment @ UCD
Late Submission of Coursework Assessment
Leave of Absence Policy Governance
Managing Attendance & Sick Leave Policy Employment @ UCD
Maternity Leave Policy Employment @ UCD
Mediation Alternative Dispute Resolution Employment @ UCD
Menopause (including Perimenopause) Policy for employees Employment @ UCD
Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy for Employees Employment @ UCD
Out of Hours Email Policy Employment @ UCD
Overtime Policy Employment @ UCD
Parent's Leave Policy Employment @ UCD
Parental Leave Policy Employment @ UCD
Password Protection Policy Information Technology
Paternity Leave Policy Employment @ UCD
Payment Card Security Policy Finance
Performance for Growth Policy Employment @ UCD
Policy Management Framework Governance
Policy for Promotion to Senior Technical Officer Employment @ UCD
Private Health Insurance Policy Employment @ UCD
Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) Accreditation of UCD Programmes and Units Teaching and Learning
Progression in Doctoral Programmes Policy Student
Protected Disclosures Policy Employment @ UCD
Provision of non-audit services by the external auditor Finance
Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement Policy Corporate
Recognition of Prior Learning- RPL Student
Recruitment and Selection Policy Employment @ UCD
Recruitment and Selection Policy - Research Funded Staff Employment @ UCD
Refund of Financial Support for Academic & Professional Programmes Policy Employment @ UCD
Relevant Offence Risk Assessment Policy Student
Relocation Policy Employment @ UCD
Remuneration of Non-Core and Non-Exchequer Revenue Generating Activities Policy Employment @ UCD
Research Account Closure Research, Innovation and Impact
Research Data Management Policy Research, Innovation and Impact
Research Degree Examination Policy Student
Research Ethics Policy Governance
Research Funded Pathway Policy Employment @ UCD
Research Integrity Policy Research, Innovation and Impact
Research Sabbatical Leave for Faculty Employment @ UCD
Research Studies Panel Terms of Reference Student
Research Thesis Embargoes Policy Student
Resignation Policy Employment @ UCD
Retirement Policy Employment @ UCD
Salary Policy for Post-doctoral Researchers and Research Assistants Employment @ UCD
Secondment Policy Employment @ UCD
Sexual Misconduct Policy Employment @ UCD
Short Term Unpaid Leave Policy (Staff on Probation) Employment @ UCD
Skilled Resource Pool Policy - Externally Funded Research Staff With Contracts of Indefinite Duration Employment @ UCD
Smoke-Free Workplace Policy Employment @ UCD
Smoke-free Campus Policy Employment @ UCD
Space Policy Other
Split-Site PhD and other Graduate Research Degree Arrangements Policy Student
Staff Competitive Retention Policy Employment @ UCD
Statement on Academic Freedom Other
Student Complaints Policy Student
Student Fitness to Practise Policy Student
Student Garda Vetting Policy Student
Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy Student
Student Plagiarism Policy Student
Study and Exam Leave Policy Employment @ UCD
Subject Extern Examination Policy Assessment
Subject Register: Head of Section Role Description Governance
Subject Register: Head of Subject Role Description Governance
Subject Register: Introduction / Revision of Section Structure and Appointment Process for Heads of Section Governance
Subscription Payments towards Membership of Professional Bodies/Academic Associations and Societies Policy Employment @ UCD
Supervision of Research Degree Students Policy Student
Support for Employees Taking Family-Related Leave Employment @ UCD
Supporting the Employment of Persons with Disabilities Policy Employment @ UCD
Taught Programme Transfer and Re-Admission Policy Student
Telephone Calls and Personal Appointments Employment @ UCD
Temporary Teaching Replacement Policy Governance
Theses in Graduate Taught Programmes Policy Student
Travel Policy Finance
Treasury Management Policy Finance
Tutors & Demonstrators Policy Employment @ UCD
UCD Risk Management Policy Governance
UCD Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Retention Policy Information Technology
Use of Animals for Research & Teaching Policy Governance
Use of Degree Award Titles at UCD Protocol Governance
Visiting Academic and Adjunct Staff Policy Employment @ UCD
Voucher- Small Benefit Policy Finance
Withdrawal Procedure Governance