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Governance Documents

Document Title Document Type
Academic Centres Policy Policies
Admissions Policy Policies
Anti- Fraud and Corruption Policy Policies
Award of Honorary Degrees Procedure Procedures
Awarding Titles for Professors and Full Professors Procedure Procedures
Child Safeguarding Statement Policies
Code of Responsible Conduct of Research Codes of Practice
Conflict of Interest Policy Policies
Credit Card Policy Policies
Data Request Policy Policies
Disciplinary Ownership of Modules Procedures
Export Control Policy Policies
Governing Authority Code of Conduct Codes of Practice
Governing Authority Regulations for the Nomination, Election, Selection and Appointment of Members to the Governing Authority of UCD Regulations
Health and Safety Management Policy Policies
Hospitality and Entertainment Policy Policies
Induction and Award of Tenure to the Grades of Lecturer Assistant Professor Associate Professor Policy Policies
Intellectual Property Policy Policies
Inter-Institutional Co-Supervisory Agreements Policy Policies
Investigation of Misconduct in Research Procedure Procedures
Leave of Absence Policy Policies
Payment Card Security Policy Policies
Policy Management Framework Policies
Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) Accreditation of UCD Programmes and Units Policies
Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement Policy Policies
Register of Graduate Taught Pathway Programmes Procedures
Research Data Management Policy Policies
Research Ethics Policy Policies
Research Integrity Policy Policies
Research Studies Panel Terms of Reference Policies
Research Thesis Embargoes Policy Policies
Research with Humans and Animals Code of Good Practice Codes of Practice
Statute 02 Statutes
Statute 04 Statutes
Statute 10 Statutes
Statute 11 Statutes
Statute 14 Statutes
Statute 25 Statutes
Statute 27 Statutes
Statute 28 Statutes
Statute 29 (amendment to Statute 25) Statutes
Statute 30 Statutes
Statute 31 Statutes
Subject Register Procedures
Subject Register: Appointment of Head of Subject Procedures
Subject Register: Emergence/Review of Subjects Protocol and Procedure Procedures
Subject Register: Head of Section Role Description Policies
Subject Register: Head of Subject Role Description Policies
Subject Register: Introduction / Revision of Section Structure and Appointment Process for Heads of Section Policies
Temporary Teaching Replacement Policy Policies
Travel Policy Policies
Treasury Management Policy Policies
UCD Risk Management Policy Policies
Use of Animals for Research & Teaching Policy Policies
Use of Degree Award Titles at UCD Protocol Policies
Voucher- Small Benefit Policy Policies
Withdrawal Procedure Policies