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How to Upload a Photo

When you are logged in - click on your profile on the top left of the page. Click on Upload a New Photo and follow the on-screen directions. When prompted, you will be able to browse your computer to find a suitable image file. This should be a .jpg file with a size of no more than 50Kb.

• To upload a photo please follow the Photo Upload Guide
• For help on checking photo file size click here
• To Resize your photo and reduce the file size you can use an online cropping tool such as Photo Resizer (

The image should be taken in colour and show your full head with your eyes open and clearly visible (with no sunglasses, tinted glasses or hair across your face). You should be face fronting and looking directly into the camera. Your head and/or face should not be covered unless this is for religious or medical reasons. There should be no other person in the photograph. You will have the opportunity to confirm that the image is correct before sending this to the University. If you wear glasses please ensure the photo is free from reflection or glare on your glasses and the frames should not cover your eyes.