Terms & Conditions

Confidentiality and Data Protection

The University is entrusted with the personal information of students and alumni on the understanding that it is treated in strict confidence. The use of this information is consistent with the teaching, learning, research and administrative functions of the University and is used in an appropriate manner by staff in carrying out their duties relating to the operations and mission of the University. This personal information is made available to Colleges and Schools only where access to such information is appropriate to the process or task in question.

The University processes information and data generated through individual use of services over the lifespan of the student from admission, through registration, assessment and graduation to deliver and develop specific and shared services. These services are provided by UCD and by outsourced service providers, contracted to process data on behalf of the University, such as Blackboard, Google, career service providers, library service providers, targeted communications services.

Third party disclosures of personal data

In addition to cases where UCD is by law required or permitted to disclose your details to others, third party disclosure may take place to:
  • Funding bodies and agencies that support or sponsor education in UCD.
  • Professional, educational or similar institutions and individuals that you authorised or with whom UCD collaborated in respect of your education.
  • Organise conferring ceremonies where your graduate status or other award is publicly acknowledged.
  • A debt collection agency where necessary because of outstanding UCD fees or other charges.
  • UCD Alumni Relations Office and UCD Foundation to facilitate future contact between you, UCD and fellow alumni, to include university mailings, events and reunions and university related fundraising activities.

  • Protecting your personal data

    UCD login credentials (eg usernames and passwords) are provided to you for your own information. You are responsible for all activity originating from your login credentials. In order to enable the University to treat your information in confidence please ensure that:

    You do NOT share your username and passwords with any other person.
    You do NOT leave your device unattended while you are logged into any UCD systems.
    You LOG OUT of and EXIT fully any UCD applications or services when you have finished using them.
    You CHANGE your UCD password regularly, no less than once per year.