Civil Engineering Infrastructure (CUXC) (NVS5)

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This is an academic programme suited to students with an interest in analysis and design of civil engineering infrastructure. It will provide you with the confidence to develop optimal solutions to complex problems from a knowledge of science, technology and mathematics. You will also understand the roles, responsibilities and ethical standards of your profession. You will have the ability to communicate with the engineering community and with society at large and to work as an individual and in group settings. You will have the ability to design civil engineering infrastructure and to undertake independent research.  The learning experience includes lectures, tutorials, laboratory practicals and group/individual project work. Assessment is by a combination of end-of-semester examinations and continuous assessment which takes the form of individual assignments, practical laboratory work exercises, and group projects. Our goal with this learning and assessment approach is to produce independent critical thinkers with the skills required to engage in self-directed learning throughout their varied careers.

The program, while mainly based in Chang'an University, China, is globally engaged being taught almost entirely through English with the approximately half of the course being delivered by recognised international experts from University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. This experience is further enhanced for the highest achieving students who have the option to spend a time studying in UCD’s campus in Dublin.

1 - Students will be able to recognise the built environment and its interactions with the natural environment as a set of inter-related systems governed by scientific, mathematical and engineering principles.
2 - Students will be able to interpret, apply and use scientific, mathematical and engineering principles, data and models (both numerical and physical) to evaluate and solve defined problems.
3 - Students will be able to appraise and synthesise data and information from a variety of sources, including designed experiments, to produce solutions to problems.
4 - Students will be effective communicators, being able to i) communicate their ideas and solutions to colleagues, clients and the public using different media and ii) listen to the needs of clients, society and colleagues.
5 - Students will be able to work independently and alone when required as well as being effective team-members.
6 - Students will understand the responsibilities of their profession and the importance of high ethical standards in professional practice, along with the role and responsibilities of engineers in developing an inclusive and equitable society.
7 - Students will become independent, critical thinkers having used guided research and learning skills required to engage in self-directed learning throughout their careers.
Module ID Module Title Trimester Credits
Stage 1 Core Modules
CDIC1020W Advanced Maths 1. Autumn 5
CDIC1021W General Chemistry Autumn 5
CDIC1023W English 1 Autumn 10
CDIC1030W Civil Eng Design Graphics Autumn 5
CDIC1024W College Physics 1 Spring 5
CDIC1025W Advanced Maths 2 Spring 5
CDIC1026W Theoretical Mechanics Spring 5
CDIC1028W English 2 Spring 10
CDIC1029W Intro to Transport.& Civil Eng Spring 5
Stage 1 Core Modules
Stage 2 Core Modules
CDIC2009W Engineering Geology Autumn 5
CDIC2014W Linear Algebra Autumn 5
CDIC2015W College Physics 2 Autumn 5
CDIC2016W English 3 Autumn 5
CDIC2019W Probability & Statistics Autumn 5
CDIC2022W Engineering Mechanics Autumn 5
CVEN2003W Environmental Eng Fundamentals Autumn 5
CDIC2017W Computer Programming Spring 5
CDIC2018W Materials in Construction Spring 5
CDIC2020W English 4 Spring 5
CDIC2021W Surveying Spring 5
CVEN2001W Soil Mechanics 1 Spring 5
CVEN2002W Hydraulics 1 Spring 5
Stage 2 Core Modules
Stage 3 Core Modules
CDIC3001W Subgrade & Pavement Eng Autumn 5
CDIC3006W Structural Analysis Autumn 5
CDIC3007W Roadway Geometric Design Autumn 5
CDIC3020W Research Skills&Communications Autumn 5
CVEN3001W Design of Structures 1 Autumn 5
CVEN3004W Transportation Engineering Autumn 5
CDIC3003W Design of Structures 2 Spring 5
CDIC3019W Interpretation E&A Road Design Spring 5
CVEN3002W Hydraulics II Spring 5
CVEN3003W Soil Mechanics 2 Spring 5
CVEN3005W Construction Practice Spring 5
CVEN3006W Digital Construction Spring 5
Stage 3 Core Modules
Stage 4 Core Modules
CVEN4002W Struc.Analysis & Design spec. Autumn 5
CVEN4003W Transport Ops & Planning Autumn 5
CVEN4007W Civil Engineering Systems Autumn 5
CVEN4008W Bridge Engineering Autumn 5
CVEN4009W Case Studies 1: Build Design Autumn 5
CVEN4010W Case Studies 2: Infra Design Autumn 5
CDIC4010W Engineering Report (15cr) Spring 15
CVEN4001W Geotechnical Engineering Spring 5
CVEN4005W Construction Management Spring 5
CVEN4006W Water Engineering Spring 5
Stage 4 Core Modules
See the UCD Assessment website for further details

Module Weighting Info  
  Award GPA
Programme Module Weightings Rule Description Description >= <=
BHENG009 Stage 4 - 70.00%
Stage 3 - 30.00%
Standard Honours Award First Class Honours



Second Class Honours, Grade 1



Second Class Honours, Grade 2






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