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Course Title Award
AgriFood Innovation & Entrepreneurship (T410) GradDip
Architecture (T273) MArch
Architecture (T256) MArchSc
Architecture (T180) PhD
Architecture, Urbanism & Climate Action (T339) MSc


Course Title Award
Biomedical Engineering (T160) ME
Biopharmaceutical Engineering (T070) MEngSc
Biosystems & Food Engineering (T299) ME
Biosystems & Food Engineering (T248) MEngSc
Biosystems & Food Engineering (T266) MSc
Biosystems & Food Engineering (T238) PhD


Course Title Award
Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering (T099) MEngSc
Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering (T111) PhD
Chemical Engineering (T218) MEngSc
Civil Engineering (T308) ME
Civil Engineering (T250) MEngSc
Civil Engineering (T240) PhD
Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering (T298) ME


Course Title Award
Digital Facility Layout Planning (T396) ProfCert
Digital Facility Layout Planning (T397) ProfCert
Digital Technology for Sustainable Agriculture (T385) MSc


Course Title Award
Electrical & Electronic Engineering (T252) MEngSc
Electrical & Electronic Engineering (T242) PhD
Electrical Power Engineering (T335) ME
Electrical Power Networks (T378) MEngSc
Electronic & Computer Engineering (T257) MEngSc
Electronic and Computer Engineering (T163) ME
Energy Systems (T164) ME
Engineering Management (T288) MEngSc
Engineering with Business (T166) ME
Environmental Policy (W269) MSc
Environmental Policy (T401) PhD
Environmental Sustainability Implementation (T390) GradDip
Environmental Technology (X565) MSc


Course Title Award
Food Engineering (X082) MEngSc


Course Title Award
Global Change Landscape Design (T407) MSc


Course Title Award
Inclusive Design & Creative Technology Innovation (T310) PhD


Course Title Award
Materials Science & Engineering (T275) ME
Materials Science and Engineering (T286) MEngSc
Mechanical & Materials Engineering (T254) MEngSc
Mechanical & Materials Engineering (T244) PhD
Mechanical Engineering (T165) ME
Mfg Eng with Data Science & AI for Competitive Manufacturing (T383) ME
Mfg Eng with Digital Manufacturing for Innovative Ecosystems (T403) ME
Mfg Eng with Zero Defect Manufacturing for a Circular Economy (T370) ME
Mfg Engineering with Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility (T369) ME


Course Title Award
Regional & Urban Planning (T399) MRUP
Regional & Urban Planning (W178) MRUP
Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing (T405) MEngSc


Course Title Award
Smart and Climate Neutral Cities (T409) MSc
Spectroscopic Technologies & Data Analysis for Advanced Manufact (T389) HDip
Structural Engineering (T279) MEngSc
Sustainable Energy & Green Technologies (X413) MSc


Course Title Award
Urban & Building Conservation (T044) MUBC
Urban Design (T060) MSc
Urban Design & Planning (W332) MSc


Course Title Award
Water, Waste & Environmental Engineering (T277) MEngSc