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Course Title Award
American Politics & Foreign Policy GradDip
American Politics & Foreign Policy MA
American Studies PhD
Digital Policy MSc
Equality Studies GradDip
Equality Studies MSc
European Governance & Law PhD
European Politics & Policy MA
European Politics & Policy MSc
European Public Affairs & Law MEconSc
Gender Studies GradDip
Gender Studies MA
Gender, Politics & International Relations MSc
Gender, Politics and International Relations MA
Geography MA
Geopolitics & the Global Economy MA
Human Rights MSc
Humanitarian Action MSc
International Development GradDip
International Development MA
International Development MSc
International Political Economy MA
International Political Economy MSc
International Relations MA
International Relations MSc
Middle East Politics MA
Peace and Conflict MA
Peace and Conflict MSc
Philosophy & Public Affairs GradDip
Philosophy & Public Affairs MA
Political Theory MA
Politics MA
Politics MSc
Politics & Data Science GradDip
Politics & Data Science MSc
Politics & International Relations GradDip
Politics & International Relations MA
Politics & International Relations PhD
Programming for Social Scientists ProfCert
Social & Political Thought MA