Title: BSc (Environmental Biology) Stage 4 Scholarship
Award Type: Scholarship
Programme Description: Science
Long Description: Stage 4 Scholarships are based on the results of the Stage 3 assessment in the single majors of the BSc Degree Programme. Scholarships will be offered based on the grades obtained at the Stage 3 University Examination in Science in the Single Major subject, provided the candidate obtains first place and a GPA of 3.68 in the ten modules (core and option) required for Stage 3 of their degree.

Transfer Credits
Students with transfer credits may be eligible for a Scholarship in competition with other students in the degree, provided the candidate has taken at least 50% of the UCD core and option modules required in the discipline, obtains a GPA of 3.68 in the modules they have completed in the degree and obtains first place when compared with other students in the programme.

Student Exchanges
Students who go on exchange for all or part of Stage 3 of their degree will be eligible for the Stage 4 scholarship provided they have met all other requirements for these awards.

The scholarships have a value of € 1,000 per subject/discipline (unless otherwise stated). All candidates for scholarships must be students within the UCD BSc Science programme (unless otherwise stated). Where two or more students are eligible for a scholarship, based on their GPA in their discipline, the School can decide to award the scholarship to the student with the higher Stage GPA
Value: 1,000