Title: Bachelor of Social Science Graduate Scholarship
Award Type: Scholarship
Programme Description:
Long Description: Up to two postgraduate students (with the highest GPA score) who achieve an overall GPA of 3.68 in the BSocSc and the four-year BSocSc (International) and who are proceeding to higher degrees at this University may be awarded scholarships of €2,540 per annum. Subject to acceptance on a course and to satisfactory compliance with the normal requirements for completing a course, the scholarships are tenable for a maximum of two years' consecutive full-time (or four years consecutive part-time) study in the case of the Diploma or the Master's Degrees in the College of Social Sciences & Law listed below, The Social Science Programme Board may also consider other Graduate Degrees or Higher/Graduate Diplomas offered within the College of Social Sciences & Law as being suitable in individual circumstances.

• Master of Arts
• Master of Education
• Master of Equality Studies
• Master of Guidance and Counselling
• Master of Social Science
• Master of Library and Information Studies
• Master of Development Studies
• Professional Diploma in Education

Subject to the approval of the College Principal of the receiving College, the scholarships may also be tenable during full-time study of a Masters programme in another College in University College Dublin. Renewal of the scholarship will be conditional on satisfactory progress reports from the academic supervising the student.

To qualify for a postgraduate scholarship, a student must have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.68 in their degree.
Value: 2,540