BMGT43450 SM Dissertation

Academic Year 2023/2024

The MSc Strategic Management dissertation provides students with the opportunity to take a scientific approach to the exploration of a research question through data collection, analysis, and topic elaboration. The process of scientific management research is not straightforward and definitive. Readings that are often presented in a very factual and objective manner are drawn upon research assumptions, techniques, concepts and data that are (and should be) open to debate. What is a reasonable assumption and data set in one context may be inappropriate in another. The decision whether or not to apply a given business concept, tools or techniques should be dependent on the strength and relevance of the assumptions, data set, and arguments upon which is it based. The taught courses can assist in exploration of the relevance and rigor of a series of business tools and concepts within class, however in the long term over a business career students will need to make these judgments on their own. The MSc Dissertation process seeks to provide students with embryonic skills to make these judgments using a scientific approach to research and management. The MSc dissertation offers students the opportunity to gain an appreciation of the scientific process of knowledge creation and communication within the Strategic Management discipline by undertaking the full process of research from generation of research questions, literature review, research design, implementation, evaluation of data, interpretation of outcomes and written communication of research. The written dissertation provides students the opportunity to craft their skills in rational exploration of ideas and data and both communication and persuasion of a wider community on the value of their contribution. Through this process students should be equipped to begin a life long learning journey, where they are now equipped to select, dissect and explore relevant ideas, tools and techniques presented in written and verbal formats which purport to be based upon objective scientific research processes.

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Learning Outcomes:

1. Develop a research question of relevance to the Strategic Management discipline such that the relationships within it can be conceptually developed using relevant theory from the disciple, can be empirically explored and is of relevance to conceptual and empirical debates within the strategy literature. Demonstrate in writing that researching this question can contribute to contemporary debates in the strategy literature.

2. Select and explain in writing the relevance of at least one theory of relevance to both Strategic Management and your research question. Develop this theory into a coherent argument, or conceptual framework, which acts as a bridge between the research question, research design and reflection back from results to prior literature. (Literature reviews may be inductive or deductive in approach; theory building or testing, but in all cases justified in light of above)

3. Explain the logic for selection of your chosen research design, communicating an appraisal of why and how this design is particularly relevant to your core research question(s) and how it can be practically implemented.

4. Demonstrate independence and ethical persistence in the collection of a substantial dataset through which your research question(s) can be explored.

5. Clearly describe your findings and critically evaluate these in the context of the prior literature, being mindful of the depth, contextual boundaries, and potential flaws of your work in of itself and in the context of the state of the art academic literature in your MSc subject area and related fields.

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