BMGT45300 Internship (MSc)

Academic Year 2022/2023

The MSc Internship Module has been set up to provide UCD Smurfit students with valuable practical employment skills in advance of graduation. Such skills have never been more important given the current business environment uncertainties in relation to the pandemic, global trading uncertainties, as well as the imminent formal departure of the UK from the European Union.

The key objective of this internship module is thus to provide students with an applied and deeper, more practical understanding of company business management and strategy formulation and implementation at both a national and international level.

This internship comes under the aegis of the MSc in International Business and the MSc in Strategic Management programmes. Accordingly, your internship must be relevant to your MSc Programme where you get a significant opportunity to put what you have learnt into practice.

The internship is a 20-credit module and should be eight weeks in length starting between 1 June – 5 July. It will be assessed on a Pass/Fail basis. Assessment will also include the writing of a report on your Internship which will be in the form of a Learning Journal. Whilst we hope that the internship will take place in situ, the constraints of the pandemic may require a more blended and virtual character.

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Curricular information is subject to change

Learning Outcomes:

Completing an internship as part of your MSc Programme, will provide you with an opportunity to put theory into practice and gain valuable work experience relevant to your Masters’ degree.

You will develop an applied understanding of the different strategic challenges a firm faces on a day to day basis when operating in a national or international environment.

You will use your learnt theoretical knowledge of industry competition, resources of the firm, and institutional context in an applied setting.

You will apply your theoretical knowledge at a business and corporate level, both national and international, in relation to market entry strategies, strategic alliances, diversification, M&As, international distribution, and pricing strategies.

You will exercise your theoretical knowledge and skills learnt in specific modules, international management and cross-cultural management, decision-making and negotiations, strategic resource allocation and balance sheet analysis, AI and machine learning skills, technology and innovation knowledge to respond to disruption to the redesign of business models, and theoretical and applied knowledge of entrepreneurship and creativity particularly in regard to applied innovation.

You will employ your learnt knowledge of the nuts and bolts of managing a local/international company.

Most importantly, you will enhance their CV and become more employable

Indicative Module Content:


Students are ultimately responsible for finding their own internships. You may find your internship in a number of ways:
*First, through your own efforts (Self Source)
*Second, through applying for a vacancy advertised on Careers Connect in the following sections: Vacancies and Academic Internships


There are a number of ways in which the Smurfit Career Development Centre can support you in finding and securing your internship.

Supporting you in preparing your application:
a) Register to VMock: our online CV platform which helps you to improve the impact, presentation, and content of your CV
b) Meet with a Career Consultant via our 1: 1 Student Appointments Service (book your appointment at this link: ) to seek advice on your application or to discuss how to approach your interview.
Appointments are available to book from 48 hours in advance of the day you wish to meet someone. Please plan and anticipate accordingly.

Application process:
This will be described in the internship vacancy but typically you compete in a recruitment process by:
a) submitting your CV and cover letter directly to the employer
b) uploading the CV and Cover Letter to the vacancy advertised on Careers Connect
After reviewing the applications, if you are shortlisted, companies will contact you for interviews.
Nothing guaranteed.

All internships MUST be entered onto SISWEB to be validated by your Academic Director and by the Internships Manager via the SISWEB portal.
Internships must be a full-time activity at a professional level (first job level, although salaries may not be commensurate) where the student is given one or more challenging projects with a certain degree of autonomy.
Internships must cover a period of a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks full-time in the same company.
The student's work must be supervised by a tutor in the company.

The 4 Steps to the Online Internship Agreement Process:

1) The Student process – Submitting

a. Students log on to SISweb – programs and services – My internships
b. Click the ‘Add internship’ button to read the data protection and acceptance notices.
c. Click the ‘accept and proceed’ button.
d. Complete all fields and click save. Note: Please fill in as much detail as you have; if you are missing information, please put XX in the field. Under Company Name, please choose the host company from the dropdown menu. If your employer is not listed, please choose ‘other’.
e. The internship details can be edited at this stage if there is anything you need to amend.
f. Submit your internship.

Once your internship has been approved, you will be enrolled in the internship module by your MSc Programme Manager (Ms Lisa Madsen or Ms Joy O'Hora).

Please bear in mind that if you do NOT submit your internship before the start of your internship, this won’t be approved and therefore you won’t get the corresponding ECTS.

2. The Internship Manager process - Validation

Once a student has submitted their internship details onto the system, it is validated by the Internship Manager; students can no longer edit or delete it – although they can still view it by clicking on the link under the company contact name heading.

3. The Host Company process - Confirmation
The host contact person email on the application form will receive an email like the example shown below, where they will be asked to read the details of the student’s internship before accepting it.

4. The Internship Manager process - Completion
Once the host representative has accepted and confirmed the student’s internship details on the system, the Internship Manager will finalise the internship and these status changes will also appear on the student’s internship details available through SISWEB.

Student Effort Hours
Your internship should be a minimum of 8 weeks in length and should start from 1st of June 2021 and no later than Monday 28 June 2021.
The minimum workload for a 20-credit module is 250 hours.

Student Effort Type Hours
Seminar (or Webinar)


Placement/Work Experience




Requirements, Exclusions and Recommendations

Not applicable to this module.

Module Requisites and Incompatibles
Not applicable to this module.
Assessment Strategy  
Description Timing Open Book Exam Component Scale Must Pass Component % of Final Grade
Journal: Students are required to submit a report in the form of a learning journal on completion of their internship. Due Date: Wednesday 31 August 2021. Employers are expected to complete an evaluation form. Unspecified n/a Pass/Fail Grade Scale Yes


Fieldwork: Feedback from your Employer will be taken into account when grading. Unspecified n/a Pass/Fail Grade Scale Yes


Carry forward of passed components
Remediation Type Remediation Timing
In-Module Resit Prior to relevant Programme Exam Board
Feedback Strategy/Strategies

• Feedback individually to students, post-assessment

How will my Feedback be Delivered?

Feedback will be provided on the internship report and company feedback.

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