GradDip American Politics & Foreign Policy

Graduate Taught (level 9 nfq, credits 60)

The United States is the most influential nation in the world.  However, a number of challenges in recent years have called into question the sustainability of American leadership abroad the prosperity at home.  These include but are not limited to, the notion of American decline in relation to rising power such as China; a political system that appears to have entered an extended period of dysfunction; recurring problems in race relations; and rising economic inequality.  This programme allows students to explore in depth the foreign policy and political challenges facing the U.S.  Drawing upon the disciplines of history and political science.  It explores a wide variety of topics such as the origins of American exceptionalism, the importance placed upon individual liberty, the emergence of the U.S as a world power, the Cold War, transatlantic relations, presidential and congressional elections, race, gender and more.

Curricular information is subject to change

Full Time option suitable for:

Domestic(EEA) applicants: Yes
International (Non EEA) applicants currently residing outside of the EEA Region. No

Part Time option suitable for:

Domestic(EEA) applicants: Yes
International (Non EEA) applicants currently residing outside of the EEA Region. No

The programme will interest those seeking a career in government, in the non-profit sector, in business, and those hoping to undertake advanced study in these areas.

This is an academic programme but is also suited to practitioners/professionals in a related field who wish to gain a broader understanding of processes, policies, and outcomes in the area of American politics and foreign policy, both domestically and within the context of international affairs. We value and therefore encourage our students to be active, motivated, autonomous learners who have a critical and reflective approach to the subject. We aim to provide a learning environment that will encourage students to think critically about policy and the ideas that shape it, both individually and as part of a group. As a result of this approach to learning, the programme uses teaching, learning, and assessment approaches such as the drafting of policy memoranda, one-on-one advising, small group activities, presentations, seminar discussions, policy analysis, and internships.

  • Students should be able to communicate in academic language about American politics and foreign policy using historical and theoretical concepts.
  • apply knowledge in a variety of professional settings or in the form of further study.
  • demonstrate an ability to communicate in writing and in public speaking with a variety of specialist and non-specialist audiences.
  • develop sophisticated judgments about American politics and foreign policy that encompass domestic and international/comparative perspectives.
  • learn skills that will enable them to accumulate further knowledge in this or other subjects in an autonomous manner.

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Students can expect to take modules similar to:

Foundations of US Foreign Policy, American Politics Today, Challenges Facing US Foreign Policy, American Political Tradition.  In addition students can choose an optional module from a number of other schools within the College.


GradDip American Politics & Foreign Policy (Z236) Full Time
EU          fee per year - € 6105
nonEU    fee per year - € 13270

GradDip American Politics & Foreign Policy (Z237) Part Time
EU          fee per year - € 3650
nonEU    fee per year - € 6635

***Fees are subject to change

An upper second class honours degree, or the international equivalent in the subject areas such as the  humanities, politics or international relations but not exclusively.

  • Standard of English required it is expected that students will normally have reached an overall 7 in the IELTS with no individual band less than 6.5 or equivalent.

The following entry routes are available:

Grad Dip American Politics & Foreign Policy FT (Z236)
1 Years
Full Time
Rolling *
Grad Dip American Politics & Foreign Policy PT (Z237)
2 Years
Part Time
Rolling *

* Courses will remain open until such time as all places have been filled, therefore early application is advised