ProfDip Prescription of Medication

UG Certificates & Diplomas (level 8 nfq)

The Professional Diploma Prescribing Medicinal Products prepares the nurse or midwife for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) as a Registered Nurse Prescriber (RNP) or a Registered Midwife Prescriber (RMP).  This is a 20 ECTS* credit, level 8 NFQ** special purpose award.

This programme provides the nurse or midwife with the requisite knowledge, skill and competence to prescribe medicinal products safely and effectively in accordance with legal and professional regulatory frameworks and standards. It is delivered in collaboration with lecturers from UCD School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science.

Candidates registering to this programme must have successfully completed at a minimum level 8 NFQ Health Assessment module.  If you have not successfully completed a Health Assessment module, please apply to X644 Professional Diploma Prescription of Medication (with Health Assessment)

Prior to applying to UCD: 

  • Please read the HSE ONMSD (2020) Nurse and Midwife Medicinal Product Prescribing Toolkit: Application Guidelines for the Education Programmes’
  • Please discuss local 'prescribing medicinal product' policies, procedures and guidelines with the Prescribing Site Co-ordinator in the context of your application.
  • Please contact your DON/DOM and complete a Site Declaration Form (click on ‘Entry Requirements' to access and download this form).   Please complete this form in full prior to making an application. This form may take several weeks to complete. 

Please note:

  • All applications will be reviewed after the closing date. Places will be offered on a first come, first served basis to applicants who meet the entry criteria, have uploaded fully complete required documentation and paid the application fee.  Once capacity is reached, no further offers will be made.  You are advised to apply early so as to avoid disappointment.

The Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Services Director HSE funds all registered nurses and midwives employed in the HSE to undertake this education programme. 

You may also be interested viewing in the University Certificate Prescribing Medicinal Products and Referring for Radiological Procedures which combines two programmes into one (i.e. the 'Professional Diploma Prescription of Medication' and the 'Professional Certificate Referring for Radiological Procedures'). 

* ECTS - European Credit Transfer System 

** NFQ - National Framework of Qualifications

Curricular information is subject to change

Part Time option suitable for:

Domestic(EEA) applicants: Yes
International (Non EEA) applicants currently residing outside of the EEA Region. No

This programme is for any nurse or midwife who feels the extension of the authority to prescribe will enhance their role and improve the quality and standard of patient care. This extended role must be discussed and approved in advance with your Director of Nursing/Midwifery/Public Health.

This programme is for any General, Psychiatric, Children's, Intellectual Disability Registered Nurse or Midwife or Registered Public Health Nurse, who has three years post registration clinical experience (within the past five years) with the equivalent of one year full time experience in the specific area of practice in which they wish to prescribe.

Upon successful completion of Professional Diploma Prescription of Medication the nurse/midwife will have acquired the knowledge, skills, and competence to prescribe safely and effectively and will be eligible to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland as a Registered Nurse or Midwife Prescriber.

At the end of the programme the candidate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the regulatory framework associated with prescribing, including legislation and professional guidelines, supporting safe prescribing
  • Critically utilize evidence based knowledge and skill of patient/client assessment and consultation to achieve a holistic approach to patient/client care in the prescribing of medicinal products
  • Apply expert skills in clinical decision making in relation to prescribing medicinal products
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the role of the multi-disciplinary team and effective communication processes involved in safe medication management

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The programme commences in January, runs over two trimesters and comprises three modules:

January - May (Spring Trimester)

  • NMHS32170 Pharmacology: Nurse-Midwifer Prescribing
  • NMHS33140 Prescribing Practice Context

January - August (Spring & Summer Trimesters)

  • NMHS33150 Clinical Practicum Prescribing

Teaching and Learning

Spring Trimester (Jan – May)

Module: Pharmacology: Nurse-Midwife Prescribing

Pharmacology lectures are delivered face to face in the classroom on UCD campus each Wednesday.  

Module: Prescribing Practice Context

Lectures are delivered using a blended approach.  All live online lectures and face to face lectures are delivered on a Wednesday. 

Spring & Summer Trimester (Jan – End of July)

Module:  Clinical Practicum Prescribing

Clinical learning is comprised of 26 weeks clinical exposure in the area in which you currently work and in which you intend to prescribe once registered as a Registered Nurse-Midwife Prescriber.  A designated medical practitioner mentor will provide 96 hours clinical instruction. Students must complete 10 medicinal product prescribing case studies (i.e. seven formative and three summative) under the supervision of a medical practitioner.


Click here to see X642 Provisional Prescribing Master Timetable January - July 2023. Please note this timetable is provisional and subject to change. 

*Please note: 

  • Online learning requires a high level of personal motivation, self-discipline, and an aptitude for self-directed learning. Brightspace (a web-based virtual learning environment) is used extensively.
  • Access to broadband and proficiency in computer skills are essential.  
  • All dates and times are provisional and subject to change

ProfDip Prescription of Medication (X642) Part Time
EU          fee per year - € 2580

***Fees are subject to change

Funded Students: Employees of the Health Services Executive  

If you are an employee of the Health Services Executive Voluntary and Statutory Services and your Director of Nursing supports your application, then the HSE will fund you to undertake this education programme.   Please note, funded applicants must pay the €50 application fee. Your application cannot be processed fully unless the application fee has been paid.


If the fees for your programme are being paid by a third party (full or partial), please ensure your funding organisation/sponsor/hospital contacts Please note this is not a student facing email address.

Student Queries:

If you have any queries about your fees, please contact the Student Desk:

Application Fee:

Please note that all applicants are required to pay the €50 application fee. Your application cannot be processed fully unless the application fee has been paid.

More information about fees is available on the UCD website at the link below:

You must:

  • Be registered as a nurse or midwife on the live register with the NMBI
  • Be currently employed as a nurse or midwife
  • Have a minimium of 3 years post-registration clinical experience (within the past 5 years) with at least one year in the area in which prescribing is proposed
  • Have successfully completed a module in Health Assessment (to include physical examination skills) (minimium level 8 NFQ) 
  • Submit a Site Declaration Form signed by the Director of Nursing/Midwifery and nominated Medical Practitioner
  • Posess IT competencies

Documents required 

  • Validated copies of Certificate/Diploma/Degree awards in Nursing 
  • Original transcript(s) including date and grading of degree award (non UCD Graduates only) & notarised English translations where relevant
  • A photocopy of current NMBI registration 
  • A copy of your birth certificate or personal page of passport
  • A validated copy of successful completion of a module in Health Assessment (to include physical examination skills) (minimium level 8 NFQ)
  • Evidence of proficiency in English language (applicants whose first language is not English)
  • Site Declaration Form (Only up to date fully complete Site Declaration Forms will be accepted)

Please note:  Failure to submit the required documentation or parts thereof prior to the application closing date will result in your application being rejected.

Applications are made online through UCD Applications.    ​Applicants may be required to undertake an interview (either face-to-face or via telecommunication) as part of the admission process.

Failure to submit the required documentation or parts thereof prior to the application closing date will result in your application being rejected. 

Does this programme have an official conferring ceremony?

Please note there is no online or in-person conferring ceremony for this programme. Your parchment will be posted to you by UCD Conferring.