Commerce International (BCIT) combines a flexible business education from Ireland’s leading business school with the linguistic skills and cultural understanding to succeed in the exciting world of international business.  Students of the BCIT course are well-grounded in the theory and practice of business management and equipped to understand and comment critically on business issues. To achieve a truly global perspective on business, it is necessary to immerse yourself in the culture and not just learn the vocabulary. As part of the course, BCIT students will also take a range of literature and culture modules from the UCD School of Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics. Some examples of modules currently on offer include French New Wave Cinema, Surrealism in Spain and Mexico, Grimm’s Tales, Italian Cinema and Society. Students are brought to a high level of language proficiency and cultural sensitivity.

Students on the Commerce International programme will spend Year 3 studying in one of our highly regarded international partner institutions and will also have an opportunity to participate in the BCIT summer internship module.

Curricular information is subject to change

The purpose of the Bachelor of Commerce (International) programme is to develop commercially astute graduates with a sophisticated degree of intercultural competence that will make a significant contribution to business and broader society in a global context.  We aspire to produce graduates that, over the long-term, will assume leadership positions in organisations on the international stage and will have a significant impact on the development of business, economic, and social life, nationally and internationally. 

We aim to foster critical thinking and to develop intellectual acumen through the development of linguistic proficiency and through the exploration of the cultural, business and social traditions of other countries.  Graduates will demonstrate critical awareness of business trends, issues, and developments; be fully equipped to lead and manage in a multicultural environment; be creative problem-solvers and have an analytical approach to decision-making; have a deep-rooted ethical and societal awareness with an understanding of, and respect for, cultural diversity; demonstrate a multilingual capacity to communicate persuasively and professionally; and have a life-long commitment to personal and professional excellence and development. 

The Bachelor of Commerce (International) curriculum is designed to develop future leaders through a range of transformative educational experiences and pedagogical innovations from both business and the arts, designed to foster the student’s own development of autonomous learning strategies, independent thought and intellectual curiosity.  Students also spend an academic year with an international partner university, so are immersed in the culture and language of the host country.

The programme emphasises a mix of teaching and assessment methods including business case studies, interactive language classes, tutorials and the use of the virtual learning environment.  Students are exposed to faculty, national and international, with a range of different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.

  • 1a. Explain the systems of thought and theoretical underpinnings that have shaped the development of business and management practice.
  • 1b. Evaluate the influence of economic, social, cultural, historical, and technological forces shaping business and management today.
  • 1c. Critically appreciate the interplay and interdependencies of business functions, including accounting, finance, operations, information systems, management, marketing, and human resource management.
  • 2a. Reach and demonstrate a sophisticated competence in their chosen language, including a broad awareness of syntax, register and style, and the ability to mediate between that language and English.
  • 2b. Develop insights into and communicate knowledge of their chosen culture, media and society (drawn from areas such as literature, film, drama, politics, business, law and economics).
  • 2c. Demonstrate an awareness of cultural difference and the value of interaction and dialogue with other cultures.
  • 3a. Demonstrate critical thinking and independent reasoning skills in situations of decision-making and problem-solving, as supported by the appropriate use of analytical and quantitative techniques.
  • 3b. Incorporate insights from related disciplines (such as mathematics, economics, information systems, cross cultural and language studies) to identify, frame, and solve business problems.
  • 4a. Demonstrate an active awareness of ethical values and business issues concerning the advancement of the broader societal good.
  • 4b. Demonstrate an understanding of, and respect for, cultural diversity.
  • 5a. Identify and apply the major steps in discovering, evaluating, and exploiting opportunities for new ventures and business enterprises.
  • 6a Communicate, in a professional and informed manner, appropriate business and management concepts, ideas, arguments, recommendations and solutions .
  • 7a. Develop interpersonal and collaborative learning skills and independent and lifelong learning skills.
  • Communicate business ideas in their chosen language (PG4).
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the nature and role of cultural values of their chosen host country (PG3).

BComm International graduates find employment in the private, public and not-for-profit or NGO sectors, or set up their own companies. Many different career paths are available, and students who can combine an international language with a business qualification are highly employable graduates for multinational companies. In addition, the focus on multicultural competencies gives BCIT graduates a unique competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Commerce International (BSW1) Full Time
EU          fee per year - € 5880
nonEU    fee per year - € 22600

***Fees are subject to change

Non-EU Undergraduate Fee information can be found here.

UCD offers a number of competitive undergraduate scholarships for full-time, self-funding international students, holding an offer of a place on a UCD undergraduate degree programme. For information on Undergraduate Scholarships, please see the UCD International Scholarships webpage.

BCIT Students have the option to complete a summer internship for academic credit. The 5-credit business summer internship module allows students to gain credit for professional workplace experience. The aim of the module is to provide students with the opportunity to reflect on and develop their personal and professional skills and gain an understanding of how theory presented in modules translates into practice. Students have the option to complete their summer internship in Ireland or in their host country after their year abroad. Completing an internship not only allows students to develop their professional & personal skills but also helps to inform their career decision-making and enhance their employability.