IA40340 Leadership for Innovation and Creativity

Academic Year 2023/2024


This module introduces participants to the mindsets, skills and practical tools necessary to develop a creative leadership practice, one that cultivates a workplace culture where creativity and innovation flourish.

To navigate challenges such as the sustainability crisis, technological disruption, changing working life and shifting global complexity, today's leaders require the mindsets, skills, and tools to seize opportunity and lead creative innovation. The World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report 2023 names Creative Thinking as among the top two most important skills for workers, recognising the importance of the ability to adapt to disruption . Attitudes such as empathy, active listening, leadership and social influence, are identified in the Report as key. 1,500 CEOs, interviewed in face to face meetings for IBM’s fourth Global CEO Study, 'Capitalising on Complexity' cited 'creativity' as the most important leadership quality.

This module explores a new kind of leadership which unlocks creativity and innovation in the workplace. Learners will explore their personal strengths, weaknesses, mindsets and values as a creative, innovative leader, working in any sector. They will learn how to lead teams in experimentation, creative problem solving and idea generation. They will be introduced to the skills of holding the tension of ambiguity as part of leading an organisational innovation process. They will acquire the skills to strengthen self awareness, self reflection and resilience. They will practice team collaboration in experiential problem solving challenges.

Participants learn among a community of like minded people. The Innovation Academy actively encourages professional friendships and the development of rich long term connections. We support the creation of new innovation networks. Guests from the Innovation Academy’s extensive Alumni Network will enhance the course experience, sharing real life insights and learnings from challenges. Learners will receive support from experienced Entrepreneurial Specialists who are practitioners in the skills and mindsets of creative leadership. It is expected that participants will experience career progression.

For more details, please go to: https://www.innovationacademy.ie/courses/ucd-professional-diploma-in-creativity-innovation-and-leadership/

Enrolment in an Innovation Academy module means a commitment to active participation and engagement, which necessitates attendance at all scheduled classes.

We limit our class size to 40 students or less. We require a minimum of 16 participants to ensure enough people for teamwork and a dynamic classroom environment. On very rare occasions, if fewer than 16 registered students register, we will offer students the opportunity to join another class.

UCD Innovation Academy : About Us

At the UCD Innovation Academy, we are a group of Educator Practitioners with extensive real-world experience as academics, business and social entrepreneurs, tech thinkers, creative professionals and design thinking practitioners.

We take an action-oriented approach to learning, with a combination of individual, group and class tasks and activities, including discussions, presentations and reflection. All of our teaching is grounded in academic rigour, and our focus is on learning from doing in a real-world context.


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Curricular information is subject to change

Learning Outcomes:

On completion the learner should be able to:

• Unlock creativity in self, teams and workplaces
• Collaborate with others in ambiguous or unpredictable environments
• Cultivate skills for influencing, negotiating and creative problem solving
• Develop a capacity for self-awareness and self-reflection
• Build an ongoing creative leadership practice, acting with creative confidence in the world.

Student Effort Hours: 
Student Effort Type Hours
Specified Learning Activities


Autonomous Student Learning




Small Group


Conversation Class






Approaches to Teaching and Learning:
All Innovation Academy modules take a 'learning from doing' approach, combining individual and group activities including presentations, discussion and reflection.

Active/task-based learning
Real-world challenges
Reflective Learning
Enquiry & Problem-based learning
Student Presentations

Requirements, Exclusions and Recommendations

Not applicable to this module.

Module Requisites and Incompatibles
Not applicable to this module.
Assessment Strategy  
Description Timing Open Book Exam Component Scale Must Pass Component % of Final Grade
Assignment: Reflection Report or a video or creative component equivalent Throughout the Trimester n/a Pass/Fail Grade Scale Yes


Presentation: Online and Off-line Challenges and Exercises and Action-Learning Project Presentation Throughout the Trimester n/a Pass/Fail Grade Scale Yes


Attendance: This module requires active participation and engagement, which necessitates full attendance at ALL scheduled classes. Throughout the Trimester n/a Pass/Fail Grade Scale Yes


Carry forward of passed components
Remediation Type Remediation Timing
In-Module Resit Prior to relevant Programme Exam Board
Please see Student Jargon Buster for more information about remediation types and timing. 
Feedback Strategy/Strategies

• Feedback individually to students, post-assessment

How will my Feedback be Delivered?

Feedback will be given to students upon request. This will include feedback based on their participation through out the module and their deliverables.

'Leading Public Sector Innovation. Co-creating a Better Society' (Second Edition ). Author: Christian Bason. Publisher: Policy Press, University of Bristol (2018)
'Dare to Lead' Author: Brene Brown. Publisher:Penguin Random House (2018)
Name Role
Anh Nguyen Quoc Tutor
Fiona Rowley Tutor
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Workshop Offering 2 Week(s) - 12 Thurs 09:00 - 13:50
Workshop Offering 2 Week(s) - 12 Tues 11:00 - 16:50
Workshop Offering 2 Week(s) - 13 Tues 11:00 - 16:50
Workshop Offering 2 Week(s) - 12, 13 Wed 09:00 - 16:50
Workshop Offering 1 Week(s) - 19 Fri 09:00 - 17:50
Workshop Offering 1 Week(s) - 19 Mon 09:00 - 17:50
Workshop Offering 1 Week(s) - 19 Thurs 09:00 - 17:50
Workshop Offering 1 Week(s) - 19 Tues 09:00 - 17:50
Workshop Offering 1 Week(s) - 19 Wed 09:00 - 17:50
Lecture Offering 2 Week(s) - 31 Thurs 09:00 - 16:50
Lecture Offering 2 Week(s) - 31, 32 Tues 09:00 - 16:50
Lecture Offering 2 Week(s) - 31, 32 Wed 09:00 - 16:50
Workshop Offering 3 Week(s) - 20 Fri 09:00 - 12:50
Workshop Offering 3 Week(s) - 20 Mon 09:00 - 12:50
Workshop Offering 3 Week(s) - 20 Thurs 09:00 - 12:50
Workshop Offering 3 Week(s) - 20 Tues 09:00 - 12:50
Workshop Offering 3 Week(s) - 20 Wed 09:00 - 12:50