CHEN50070 Industrial Research Internship

Academic Year 2023/2024

The aim of this module is to provide PhD Students with the opportunity to gain Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering work experience, in a structured setting, for a period of 9 months. Candidates will normally have already completed an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline and will be enrolled in a structured PhD Program in the School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering. The placement is expected to involved professionally-relevant work, outside UCD, on a full-time basis. Students will not normally be able to undertake other credit-bearing modules during the placement period.
The student’s PhD supervisor will liaise with the student during the period of the work placement. A programme of work will be agreed between the University and the Sponsor, to ensure that the student can meet the learning outcomes associated with this module, using the opportunities available during the scheduled period of placement. The Supervisor will maintain contact with the student, and with the student's Sponsor, during the work placement period. Special arrangements for supervision apply in the case of students on placement overseas. Attendance requirements are agreed in consultation with the student, Supervisor and Sponsor and may, in certain cases, exceed the minimum requirements of the module descriptor.
- Students must complete a Final Training Report, summarizing their experiences, with specific reference to General Learning, Technical Learning and Personal Learning.
- An assessment will be sought from an employer and/or Academic Supervisor, commenting on the student's engagement with the process and highlighting any particular achievements.
- Students may be required to present for Oral Examination on completion of the placement.
- The module will be assessed on a Pass/Fail basis. Successful completion of the module will result in the award of the credits, with a module grade P assigned. This module is grade point neutral and will not contribute directly to the degree GPA. Failure to meet the learning outcomes associated with the module represents grounds for failure. Remediation of failure may be discussed with the Module Coordinator.

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Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module, students should be able to demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes under three headings:

1. General Learning
- Describe the business organisation in which they worked and the functions and responsibilities of that organisation.
- Critically reflect on their experiences during the placement.
- Explain, with evidence, the need for high ethical standards in the practice of engineering.
- Demonstrate an appreciation of - and an ability to comply with health and safety issues and responsibilities of engineering practice.

2. Technical Learning
- Demonstrate the ability to integrate classroom theory with workplace practice, through the application of academic learning in the workplace. This learning will be specific to the discipline and to the nature of the placement; specifics will be agreed between the Academic Supervisor and the Sponsor, over the course of the placement.
- Demonstrate an awareness of quality assurance issues, in the context of the work placement.
- Demonstrate an awareness of the importance of codes of practice and industry standards, relevant to the work placement.
3. Personal Learning
- Describe the role of the specific unit (department/section) in which they were located and the responsibilities of the key operatives in that unit.

- Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of workplace culture.
- Demonstrate development and application of interpersonal and self-management transferrable skills, such as: working independently in unfamiliar situations; effective time management; developing communication skills; working effectively as a team member and respecting the views of others in the team; accepting and responding to constructive criticism; accounting for their actions and decisions.
- Based on their contacts and experiences, be able to critically identify and develop potential sources of appropriate employment for their future careers.

Student Effort Hours: 
Student Effort Type Hours
Placement/Work Experience




Approaches to Teaching and Learning:
Learning activities are primarily focused on gaining relevant appropriate experience through completion of industrial internship and associated report. 
Requirements, Exclusions and Recommendations

Not applicable to this module.

Module Requisites and Incompatibles
Not applicable to this module.
Assessment Strategy  
Description Timing Open Book Exam Component Scale Must Pass Component % of Final Grade
Continuous Assessment: Report on Internship Activites Coursework (End of Trimester) n/a Pass/Fail Grade Scale Yes


Carry forward of passed components
Remediation Type Remediation Timing
In-Module Resit Prior to relevant Programme Exam Board
Please see Student Jargon Buster for more information about remediation types and timing. 
Feedback Strategy/Strategies

• Feedback individually to students, on an activity or draft prior to summative assessment
• Feedback individually to students, post-assessment

How will my Feedback be Delivered?

Feed back about the appropriateness of the internship will be provided ahead of commencement and enrolment in the module. Feedback of internship report will be provided on an on-going basis and following submission.

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