CHEM40580 Dublin Chemistry Surface Physics (TCD)

Academic Year 2019/2020

This course is a one trimester introduction to the properties of surfaces. The objective is to provide an understanding of the interactions between atoms and molecules, and how these influence the physical and chemical properties of surfaces. Particular attention will be focussed on the structure and bonding at surfaces and the behavior of electrons in the surface region. The interaction of incident atoms and molecules with surfaces will be discussed, including their roles in the growth of thin-film overlayers. Introductions will be provided to various surface analytical techniques that provide the basis for our present understanding of surfaces. Case examples will be given throughout.

The following topics will be covered:

*Surface concepts
*Forces and interaction between molecules (electrostatic, van der Waals etc.)
*Molecule-surface and particle-surface interactions
*Concept of surface energy
*Wetting and adhesion
*Ordered surface structures and 2-d lattices
*LEED, surface diffraction, kinematic of elastic scattering
*Chemical bonding at surface
*Surface reconstruction
*Electronic surface states
*Surface techniques (STM, STS, AFM, XPS, UPS, AES, ....)

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