BDIC1030J Maths (Engineering) 2

Academic Year 2024/2025

This module is the second module of calculus, about single-variable integration calculus and ordinary differential equations. Calculus is one of the most fundamental courses of college mathematics. The main contents of this module include indefinite and definite integrals of single-variable functions with applications in practice, as well as introductory techniques in the study of differential equations. By learning single-variable calculus, students should command basic concepts, elementary theory and methods, especially the main ideas of analytical mathematics, and learn the essentials of logical thinking, abstract imagination and detail.

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Curricular information is subject to change

Learning Outcomes:

Students are expected to achieve the following competence:
• Finding the anti-derivative of a function.
• Calculating indefinite integrals of single-variable functions by mastering different techniques.
• Understanding the fundamental theorem of calculus.
• Calculating definite integrals of single-variable functions.
• Understanding and using the mean value theorem of integration.
• Achieving basic knowledge about differential equations.
• Solving some typical first and second order ordinary differential equations.

Indicative Module Content:

week 8 Anti-derivatives, different techniques of finding anti-derivatives.
week 9 Different techniques of finding anti-derivatives: trigonometric, rational, integration by parts, etc.
week 10 Indefinite integrals & Fundamental theorem of integration, definite integrals (with geometric meaning).
week 11 Techniques in treating definite integrals, the mean value theorem of integration.
week 12 Applications of definite integrals in practice.
week 13 Basic knowledge about differential equations, first order ordinary differential equations.
week 14 First order ordinary differential equations.
week 15 Second order ordinary differential equations.
week 16 Revision

Student Effort Hours: 
Student Effort Type Hours




Autonomous Student Learning


Online Learning




Approaches to Teaching and Learning:
Key teaching approach is face-to-face lectures as well as tutorial classes. At the same time, we encourage peer instructions and team work with discussions. Study on-line by watching China Mooc is also a wonderful way to learn this course in advance. 
Requirements, Exclusions and Recommendations

Not applicable to this module.

Module Requisites and Incompatibles
Additional Information:
This module is delivered overseas and is not available to students based at the UCD Belfield or UCD Blackrock campuses

Calculus (Engineering) I (BDIC1012J)

Assessment Strategy  
Description Timing Component Scale Must Pass Component % of Final Grade In Module Component Repeat Offered
Exam (In-person): 2 hour final exam Week 15 Graded Yes



Carry forward of passed components
Remediation Type Remediation Timing
In-Module Resit Prior to relevant Programme Exam Board
Please see Student Jargon Buster for more information about remediation types and timing. 
Feedback Strategy/Strategies

• Feedback individually to students, on an activity or draft prior to summative assessment
• Feedback individually to students, post-assessment
• Group/class feedback, post-assessment
• Online automated feedback

How will my Feedback be Delivered?

The lecturer with the teaching assistants will feedback individually to students with their performance on assignments and give corresponding marks with respect to their assignments. The lecturer and TAs will provide on-line tutorials by using Wechat or other modern communications.

Name Role
Enchang Sun Tutor
Wenying Wu Tutor