MEngSc Materials Science and Engineering FT (T286)

For more information on this programme, see: MEngSc Materials Science and Engineering .

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This programme is aimed at students with a primary degree in engineering or cognate physical science who wish to develop a career or engage with further studies in materials science and engineering. We value and therefore encourage students to be engaged, autonomous learners who have a critical and problem-solving approach to materials as they are used in both common and advanced engineering applications. Of key importance within the learning experience is the ability of the student to work individually or within teams and to communicate their ideas and outcomes effectively. Students should also not lose sight of the ethical, environmental or human perspectives within which they work. We aim to provide a stimulating learning environment with a wide-ranging and relevant taught curriculum that is underpinned by a hands-on laboratory experience that will encourage students to develop a deep understanding of structure-property relationships in materials. A variety of teaching, learning and assessment strategies are used to achieve the desired outcomes including individual and team assignments, technical presentations and a significant supervised research project. These are subject to assessment on both a continuous and end-of-semester basis.

1 - Advanced knowledge and understanding of the mathematics, sciences, engineering sciences and technologies underpinning their branch of engineering.
2 - The ability to identify, formulate, analyse and solve complex engineering problems.
3 - The ability to perform the detailed design of a novel system, component or process using analysis and interpretation of relevant data.
4 - An understanding of the need for high ethical standards in the practice of engineering, including the responsibilities of the engineering profession towards people, society and the environment.
5 - The ability to work effectively as an individual, in teams and in multidisciplinary settings, together with the capacity to undertake lifelong learning.
6 - The ability to communicate effectively on complex technical activities with the engineering and science community and with society at large.
Stage 1

T286 MEngSc Materials Science and Engineering FT is a 1-year 90-credit full-time Masters Programme. The normal Trimester workload is 30 credits per Trimester. The Autumn and Spring Trimesters comprise Core and Option Modules and students undertake the Project in the Summer Trimester.
Note : Where any of the Core Modules have been previously taken, e.g. during BE study, these must be substituted for an additional Option Module. Students must speak to the Programme Director before choosing their modules. A minimum of 70 of the 90 credits taken during the MEngSc Programme must be at Level 4 or above.

Module ID Module Title Trimester Credits
Stage 1 Core Modules
MEEN30090 Materials Science and Engineering II Autumn 5
MEEN40080 Technical Ceramics Autumn 5
MEEN40160 Materials Thermodynamics and Kinetics Autumn 5
MEEN40560 Research Skills and Techniques Autumn 5
MEEN40110 Advanced Polymer Engineering Spring 5
MEEN41150 Advanced Metals Processing Spring 5
MEEN40890 Project (MEngSc Materials) Summer 30
Stage 1 Core Modules
Stage 1 Options - A)6OF:
OPTION MODULES: Students must speak to the Programme Director before choosing their Option Modules.
CHEM30090 Chemistry of Materials Autumn 5
CHEM40870 Nanomaterials Chemistry Autumn 5
EEEN20070 Solid State Devices Autumn 5
MEEN40050 Computational Continuum Mechanics I Autumn 5
MEEN40060 Fracture Mechanics Autumn 5
MEEN40090 Energy Systems and Climate Change Autumn 5
MEEN40150 Computational Continuum Mechanics II Autumn 5
MEEN40600 Medical Device Design Autumn 5
MEEN40630 Biomaterials Autumn 5
PHYC40410 Physics of nanomaterials Autumn 5
BSEN40350 Renewable Energy Systems Analysis Spring 5
CHEN40510 Advanced Characterisation Tech Spring 5
MEEN30140 Professional Engineering (Finance) Spring 5
MEEN40430 Professional Engineering (Management) Spring 5
MEEN40670 Technical Communication Spring 5
Stage 1 Options - A)6OF:
OPTION MODULES: Students must speak to the Programme Director before choosing their Option Modules.
See the UCD Assessment website for further details

Module Weighting Info  
  Award GPA
Programme Module Weightings Rule Description Description >= <=
MTEMP001 Stage 1 - 100.00%
Standard Honours Award First Class Honours



Second Class Honours, Grade 1



Second Class Honours, Grade 2






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