MArchSc Urban Design FT (T282)

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The Masters of Architectural Science (Urban Design) provides an opportunity for students to be introduced to and appreciate the principles of urban design, and to work creatively in an interdisciplinary context towards understandings of the forces that shape the urban environment. Students will acquire advanced theoretical and conceptual knowledge of urban design as well as practical knowledge through design-based studio work, field trips, case studies and lectures. To ensure relevance, studio and aligned modules seek to engage with decision makers, current debates and challenges in Ireland while contextualizing their global awareness of the analysis, understanding and design of the urban environment. Believing that the best postgraduate education takes place in interdisciplinary environments, we encourage our students are to develop a critical and reflective approach to urban design, and to work with other disciplines to explore and question the production, process of shaping and development of the designed environment. The interdisciplinary studio encourages fluidity of communication relevant to 21st century working environments and is backed up by more traditional lectures and tutorials to focus on skills required in the analysis, understanding and design of the urban environment. These range from analysis, understanding and design of spatial, social and other aspects to the consideration of legislative and cultural context. The programme focuses on learning by doing, while engaging in reflective and critical thinking throughout. The studio context has a primary demonstration role in urban design, where students develop individual urban design research interests, in conjunction with group and individual student urban site analysis and investigation.

1 - At the end of this programme, a student will have the ability to: Synthesise ideas, think and act critically and reflectively in relation to analysis, evaluation and design of the urban environment
2 - Demonstrate theoretical and conceptual knowledge of urban design
3 - Be fluent in ideas and skills of critique to participate in current debates within urban design
4 - Research a topic in urban design employing established research methods and strategies
5 - Conceptualise different scales both separately and simultaneously
6 - Work creatively in urban analysis and design to raise challenging questions within an interdisciplinary environment
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Module Weighting Info  
  Award GPA
Programme Module Weightings Rule Description Description >= <=
MTARCH002 Stage 1 - 100.00%
Standard Honours Award First Class Honours



Second Class Honours, Grade 1



Second Class Honours, Grade 2