MArchSc Conservation & Heritage FT (T280)

  • All disciplines are involved in designing, planning, making and protecting the designed environment and will share core modules in the same lecture space and design studio.
  • Students in Conservation and Heritage will be educated by the leading researchers and practitioners in the Europe, and be exposed to contemporary theoretical, technical and legislative issues.
  • Students will also participate in the creative context of the UCD School of Architecture, where many changing exhibitions, guest lectures and research seminars enhance the postgraduate experience.

Curricular information is subject to change

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The aim of this programme is to contribute to the appreciation and conservation of Ireland's built heritage, including towns and landscapes, through the training of conservation professionals, developing scholarly knowledge, technical skills, understanding and the ability to exercise judgement, in the context of normative competencies acceptable and applicable throughout Europe. Building on twenty-five years of leadership in conservation research and scholarship, this programme will extend the range of professional and academic access to the field of urban and building conservation.

The programme seeks to inculcate an ethos of evidence-informed judgement in relation to conservation in  programme participants. This is acheived within a learning enviornment which encourages reflection and  dicusssion between participants from a range of backgrounds, some mid-career professionals, others newly graduated from a range of discuplines, including architecture, archaeology, engineering, art history and planning. 

Teaching is primarily project-based, with structured enquiries into urban and building conservation issues, supported by lectures and seminars from conservation practitioners and researchers.

1 - This programme aims to develop an understanding of the issues involved in the protection of buildings and historic urban areas based on rigorous but non-dogmatic analysis and theory.
2 - Graduates will understand methods of recording, researching, analysing and evaluating the heritage of historic buildings, landscapes and towns.
3 - Demonstrate effective research, analytical and evaluative skills and the ability to reach appropriate evidence based decisions.
4 - Demonstrate an appreciation of conservation and heritage research, exhibit the skills of autonomous researchers and recognise the value of research as an input into improved conservation and heritage practice.
5 - Graduates will understand the relationship of conservation practice to theory and the functions of the statutory bodies and their roles in the conservation process
6 - Graduates will have an evidence-informed approach to the conservation and re-use of built heritage through engagement with historical research, survey and recording, fabric analysis and documentation tracing its evolution through time
7 - Graduates will be conversant with repositories with historical sources, materials and methods of research in Irish architectural and urban history. They will develop a critical appreciation of sources in understanding historic buildings, urban areas and landscapes.
8 - Graduates will be familiar with the area of materials conservation, investigation, and research and understand the processes of decay in common materials in historic construction: stone, brick, wood, plaster and mortar, glass, and related methods of repair and conservation.
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Module Weighting Info  
  Award GPA
Programme Module Weightings Rule Description Description >= <=
MTARCH002 Stage 1 - 100.00%
Standard Honours Award First Class Honours



Second Class Honours, Grade 1



Second Class Honours, Grade 2