Uni Dip in the History of European Painting PT (Z187)

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The University Diploma in the History of European Painting is a foundational Art History programme.  Over the course of two years this part-time diploma is devoted to examining the history of European painting from late Antiquity to the turn of the twentieth century. Aimed at students of diverse ages and interests, with a strong awareness and curiosity towards art, the Diploma serves as a return to education pathway or as a means to continuing education.

Focussing on painting the Diploma seeks to foster original thought, interpretative and analytical skills, critical enquiry, and visual acuity. Students are encouraged to examine artworks critically and understand the conditions of their making, meaning and influences, as well as to consider the process of looking itself. Students are enabled to interpret and assess the meaning, development and context of works of art of different ages using a range of approaches including historical, stylistic, and formalist analysis.  The programme uses a range of teaching and learning methods such as lectures, small group teaching, web-based learning and site visits. The latter are exceptionally important for an object and context-based discipline such as Art History. Learning outcomes are assessed in a range of approaches including essays, catalogue entries, class and site-based presentations, glossary journals and slide tests.

1 - be conversant with the general timeline and main stylistic developments in the history of European painting from late Antiquity to the turn of the twentieth century
2 - Recognise and fully comprehend key works of art, movements, schools and artists and place them within their wider aesthetic, art historical, social and cultural contexts
3 - Understand and assess the dynamics of the production, marketing and reception of art in different historical periods and across different cultural frameworks
4 - Communicate responses to works of art in a clear and scholarly fashion that is informed by the varied analytical approaches adopted by art historians
5 - Show originality of thinking, and a willingness to challenge, modify, or support accepted ideas in a manner that fosters communal learning and invigorates discussion
6 - Have an awareness of the socio-economic aspects of the patronage, consumption and manufacture of art works, objects and buildings
Module ID Module Title Trimester Credits
Stage 1 Options - A)MIN 6OF:
Year One cores
AH1013E Art in the Making: I Autumn 5
AH1020E Studies I Autumn 5
AH1024E Western Art from late Roman Antiquity to the late Middle Ages Autumn 5
AH1014E Art in the Making: II Spring 5
AH1015E From the van Eyck to the Bellini: the age of the Renaissance Spring 5
AH1021E Studies II Spring 5
Stage 1 Options - A)MIN 6OF:
Year One cores
Stage 1 Options - B)MIN 6OF:
Year Two Core
AH1016E Reformation & Counter-reformation: from the High Renaissance to the Baroque Autumn 5
AH1018E Themes in Art I Autumn 5
AH1022E Studies III Autumn 5
AH1017E The Age of the Baroque to early Modernism Spring 5
AH1019E Themes in Art II Spring 5
AH1023E Studies IV Spring 5
Stage 1 Options - B)MIN 6OF:
Year Two Core
See the UCD Assessment website for further details

Module Weighting Info  
  Award GPA
Programme Module Weightings Rule Description Description >= <=
DPACS003 Stage 1 - 100.00%
Pass/Merit/Distinction Pass









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