MEngSc Biopharmaceutical Engineering FT (T070)

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The MEngSc Biopharmaceutical Engineering programme provides intensive training in the requisite skills for a professional engineer or scientist in the biopharmaceutical or related sector. The programme provides substantial coverage of the scientific, technical, management and regulatory issues associated with this industry. 

The programme's teaching methods are highly interactive and varied and student learning is assessed using a variety of assessment methodology including exams, assignments, case studies and presentations.  Students complete a research project which consolidates their basic knowledge of the course content and provides intensive research experience and training. The course content addresses the principal scientific and engineering challenges involved in the design, operation and management of biopharmaceutical production facilities. 

It is anticipated that graduates from this programme will play an important role in the development, design and operation of biopharmaceutical processes throughout the industry in the coming years.

1 - Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific principles involved in the development of a biopharmaceutical production process
2 - Understand the engineering principles underlying the production of biopharmaceuticals
3 - Demonstrate an integrated knowledge of GMP and the regulatory issues involved in biopharmaceutical production
4 - Apply their knowledge of biopharmaceutical production processes to design, equip and manage a biopharmaceutical production factility
5 - Demonstrate the ability to work as part of a design team for the development of a new production facility
6 - Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the challenges involved in the downstream purification of biopharmaceuticals
7 -
8 -
9 - Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of process control when applied to growth of mammalian cells in bioreactors
10 - Demonstrate an appreciation of the concept and practice of independent research in specialised topics in biopharmaceutical engineering
Stage 1

T070 MEngSc Biopharmaceutical Engineering FT is a 1-Year, 90-credit full-time Masters Programme.

Module ID Module Title Trimester Credits
Stage 1 Core Modules
CHEN40040 Animal Cell Culture Technology (FT) Autumn 5
CHEN40110 Facility Design and Operation Autumn 5
CHEN40480 Lean Sigma Biopharma Process Autumn 5
CHEN40630 Bioanalytical Science for Biopharma Autumn 5
CHEN40770 Data Sci for Biopharm Manufact Autumn 5
CHEN40060 Bioreactor Modelling and Control Spring 5
CHEN40090 Bioprocessing Laboratory Spring 5
CHEN40130 Bioprocess Scale-up and Technology Transfer Spring 5
CHEN40460 Downstream Processing Spring 5
CHEN40530 Bioprocess Design Spring 5
PHAR40240 Regulatory Affairs in Science Spring 5
CHEN40140 Biopharmaceutical Engineering Project Summer 30
Stage 1 Core Modules
Stage 1 Options - A)1 OF:
In the Autumn Trimester, students choose one of the following Option Modules:
CHEN40020 Principles of Biopharmaceutical Engineering (FT) Autumn 5
CHEN40670 Biotechnology & Biopharma Autumn 5
Stage 1 Options - A)1 OF:
In the Autumn Trimester, students choose one of the following Option Modules:
See the UCD Assessment website for further details

Module Weighting Info  
  Award GPA
Programme Module Weightings Rule Description Description >= <=
MTEMP001 Stage 1 - 100.00%
Standard Honours Award First Class Honours



Second Class Honours, Grade 1



Second Class Honours, Grade 2






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