Law with French Law (LWS2)

With this degree students gain a thorough grounding in Irish Law together with a general education in French Law.

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The programme is for students who wish to study Irish law in depth, whilst also acquiring a broad knowledge of French Law and a high level of competence in the French language and French legal terminology. The programme enable students to proceed to professional training as lawyers in Ireland and elsewhere but also provides knowledge, skills and experience applicable in a wide variety of careers.

We aim for students to be active, motivated, autonomous learners who will profit from their knowledge and understanding of two culture and of two of the world's most important legal systems - the Common Law and Civil Law.

We strive for a learning environment that encourages students to work individually or as part of a team, so they can develop their own and others' leadership, teamwork and communication skills. Small group teaching, online collaboration and practice-based learning are key elements of this. A year at a partner French university is an integral part of this programme.

To these ends the programme uses teaching, learning and assessment approaches such as tutorials, seminars, supervised academic writing, work placement and simulations of professional practice.

1 - demonstrate specialised, detailed knowledge and understanding of the legal systems of Ireland, France and of the European Union.
2 - apply their knowledge and understanding in a manner that indicates a professional approach to their specific work or vocation in the field of law.
3 - gather and interpret the relevant data from a variety of sources, both legal and factual, to inform judgments on problems within the major branches of law.
4 - make their own judgments, including the capacity to reflect on relevant political, social, economic, historical, or ethical issues associated with law.
5 - to communicate in English and/or French, information, ideas, problems and solutions, considering the importance of legal arguments in public policy debates, in an accessible and intelligible manner to both specialist and non-specialist audiences.
6 - realise those learning skills that are necessary for them to continue to undertake further study with a high degree of autonomy.
7 - identify, in the field of legal scholarship, the relevant sources of law and commentary upon and analysis of it and to frame their own original legal arguments.
With this degree students gain a thorough grounding in Irish Law together with a general education in French Law.

As with our BCL programme, the main objective of the BCL (Law with French Law) is to provide you with the best possible legal education. The curriculum is designed to offer you a thorough grounding in Irish Law together with a general education in French Law.

To support and further your education there are several important features of the UCD School of Law, including an extensive and varied range of optional law subjects to choose from.

At the School we are committed to achieving excellence in both teaching and research and to providing a rich and vibrant intellectual environment for all our students.
The BCL (Law with French Law) is a four-year full-time degree programme. The programme provides a strong comparative dimension that enables you to study two of the world's major legal systems: Common Law and Civil Law.
As a result, the degree imparts a critical understanding of legal institutions in both Ireland and France and how legal rules and principles are applied.

Stage 1 includes Constitutional Law, Law of Tort, Law of Contract and an introduction to French Public Law.

Stage 2 introduces you to French Private Law, Land Law, Criminal Law, EU Law and a number of optional modules.

You will spend Stage 3 focusing on French law at one of four leading French law schools: University of Paris II (Panth?-Assas), University of Paris X (Nanterre), University of Aix-Marseilles III (Aix-en-Provence) and the University of Toulouse I (Toulouse).

Your final stage includes modules in French legal theory and Professional Legal Practice.
You may apply to study abroad for either a semester or a year through the Erasmus programme or on a non-EU exchange. UCD has over 200 Erasmus partners in Europe and an increasing number of non-EU exchange agreements with universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and elsewhere.

Please visit the Erasmus section by clicking on the International Office link at the top of this page.
Graduates of this course obtain a recognised degree in Irish law. They are particularly well placed to pursue careers with:

  • International law firms
  • European Union and other international institutions (e.g. European Court of Justice)
  • NGOs

    Recent BCL (Law with French Law) graduates have progressed to graduate study at prestigious universities, including Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford.
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    Module ID Module Title Trimester Credits
    Stage 1 Core Modules
    LAW10050 Constitutional Law: Institutional Framework of the Constitution of Ireland Autumn 5
    LAW10190 Negligence and Related Matters Autumn 5
    LAW10300 French Public Law 1(Introduction to French Constitutional Law) Autumn 5
    LAW10340 Contract: Formation Autumn 5
    LAW10420 Legal and Professional Skills Autumn 5
    LAW10480 French Law Book Club Autumn 5
    FR10130 French Fictions Spring 5
    LAW10060 Constitutional Law: Fundamental Rights under the Constitution of Ireland Spring 5
    LAW10200 Nominate Torts Spring 5
    LAW10350 Contract: Vitiating Factors and Remedies Spring 5
    LAW10360 General Introduction to the Irish Legal System Spring 5
    LAW10430 French Private Law 1 Spring 5
    Stage 1 Core Modules
    Stage 2 Core Modules
    FR20020 French language II a: Grammaire et syntaxe françaises Autumn 5
    LAW20330 EU Constitutional Law Autumn 5
    LAW20370 Property Law I Autumn 5
    LAW20390 Criminal Liability Autumn 5
    LAW27290 French Public Law 2 (Introduction to Administrative Law) Autumn 5
    FR20040 French Language II b: Expression française écrite et orale Spring 5
    LAW20340 EU Economic Law Spring 5
    LAW20360 French Private Law 2 Spring 5
    LAW20380 Property Law II Spring 5
    LAW20400 Criminal Offences and Defences Spring 5
    Stage 2 Core Modules
    Stage 2 Options - A)MIN0OF:
    You should choose both LAW20090 and LAW20170 instead of your Electives to be Compliant for the Irish Legal Professional Bodies.
    LAW20090 Company Law I Autumn 5
    LAW20170 Company Law II Spring 5
    Stage 2 Options - A)MIN0OF:
    You should choose both LAW20090 and LAW20170 instead of your Electives to be Compliant for the Irish Legal Professional Bodies.
    Stage 4 Core Modules
    LAW30630 French Law Dissertation Spring 5
    Stage 4 Core Modules
    Stage 4 Options - A)MIN9OF:
    Choose 9 of the following:
    FR30310 French Language 3a: Expression avancée Autumn 5
    LAW20090 Company Law I Autumn 5
    LAW30010 Banking Law Autumn 5
    LAW30060 Equity: History, Doctrines, Remedies Autumn 5
    LAW30070 Evidence - Foundations Autumn 5
    LAW30090 Revenue Law: Introduction to Revenue Law Autumn 5
    LAW30170 Employment Law: the Contract of Employment Autumn 5
    LAW30180 Jurisprudence Autumn 5
    LAW30240 Administrative Law: Grounds of Review Autumn 5
    LAW30400 Matrimonial Law and Reliefs Autumn 5
    LAW30440 Environmental Law and Policy Autumn 5
    LAW30470 International Human Rights Law Autumn 5
    LAW30640 Competition Law in Practice Autumn 5
    LAW30690 Advocacy and Mooting Autumn 5
    LAW30700 The Lawyer, Professional Ethics & Legal Practice Autumn 5
    LAW30730 Public International Law Autumn 5
    LAW30870 Patent Law and Trademarks Autumn 5
    LAW37470 Advanced International Law - The Law of Int Organisations Autumn 5
    LAW37530 Financial Law of the EU Autumn 5
    LAW37570 Insolvency Law Autumn 5
    LAW37590 International Economic Law Autumn 5
    LAW37670 Copyright Law Autumn 5
    LAW37700 Internet Law and Regulation Autumn 5
    FR30320 French Language 3b Spring 5
    LAW20170 Company Law II Spring 5
    LAW30160 Evidence - Practice and Principles Spring 5
    LAW30190 Media Law Spring 5
    LAW30230 Overview of Law Relating to Creation and Administration of Trusts Spring 5
    LAW30290 Administrative Law: Remedies for Unlawful Administrative Action Spring 5
    LAW30310 European Human Rights Law Spring 5
    LAW30450 Family and Child Law Spring 5
    LAW30530 Criminological Theory Spring 5
    LAW30610 Commercial Law Spring 5
    LAW30820 Private International Law Spring 5
    LAW37430 Jury Trials Spring 5
    LAW37460 Planning Law Spring 5
    LAW37600 Migration Law Spring 5
    LAW37610 Medical Law Spring 5
    LAW37630 Law in the Classroom Spring 5
    LAW37710 Applied Legal Skills Spring 5
    SSCI20030 Building Resilience Spring 5
    Stage 4 Options - A)MIN9OF:
    Choose 9 of the following:
    See the UCD Assessment website for further details

    Module Weighting Info  
      Award GPA
    Programme Module Weightings Rule Description Description >= <=
    BHLAW003 Stage 4 - 100.00%
    Standard Honours Award First Class Honours



    Second Class Honours, Grade 1



    Second Class Honours, Grade 2






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