BSc Software Engineering (CSS7)

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This is an international software engineering programme that is aimed at students who aim to pursue a software engineering or computer science career in China or abroad. The programme is delivered by an international team through English, resulting in a western educational culture that offers an alternative to the environment that students typically experience in Chinese universities. We value logical thinkers and problem solvers, and these skills are encouraged throughout the degree programme. We aim to provide a collaborative learning environment with approachable international staff. In addition to traditional lectures, the curriculum is also delivered via tutorials, interactive laboratory sessions and through online engagement. The programme has a strong focus on learning by doing, through group and individual projects and lab work. 
1 - Demonstrate understanding of the theory and fundamental principles of Computer Science and Software Engineering.
2 - Design and Create large-scale software systems, working within established software development methodologies.
3 - Design appropriate software architectures in accordance with enumerated requirements and constraints.
4 - Demonstrate awareness of issues surrounding the profession of Software Engineering.
5 - Demonstrate a mastery in the design of algorithms; solving problems the rough the application of mathematical and engineering principles.
6 - Implement computer programs in a variety of programming languages.
7 - Analyse and reason about computer programs.
8 - Create appropriate representations of software architectures, and communicate these to technical and non-technical audience.
9 - Be comfortable working either individually or in a team environment.
10 - Engage in self-directed professional development though personal research
11 - Present and articulate technical material through English.
Module ID Module Title Trimester Credits
Stage 1 Core Modules
BDIC1014J Linear Algebra (Engineering) Autumn 5
BDIC1029J Maths (Engineering) 1 Autumn 5
BDIC1030J Maths (Engineering) 2 Autumn 5
BDIC1047J English for University Studies at BDIC Autumn 5
COMP1004J Intro to Prog Construction 1 Autumn 5
ARCH1001J Ireland - Landscape, Heritage and Culture Spring 5
BDIC1015J University Physics Spring 5
BDIC1031J Maths (Engineering) 3 Spring 5
BDIC1032J Maths (Engineering) 4 Spring 5
BDIC1048J English Gen Academic Purposes at BDIC Spring 5
COMP1003J Introduction to Software (B) Spring 5
COMP1005J Intro to Prog Construction 2 Spring 5
Stage 1 Core Modules
Stage 2 Core Modules
BDIC2005J Probability and Statistics Autumn 5
BDIC2008J University Physics 2 Autumn 5
BDIC2015J Academic Writing and Communication Skills Autumn 5
COMP2010J Data Structures & Algs I (S/E) Autumn 5
COMP2011J Object Oriented Prog (S/E) Autumn 5
COMP2012J Operating Systems (S/E) Autumn 5
BDIC2002J Discrete Mathematics Spring 5
BDIC2007J English for Specific Academic Purposes Spring 5
COMP2008J Software EngProject 1 (B) Spring 5
COMP2009J Computer Networks (S/E) Spring 5
COMP2013J Databases and Info Sys (S/E) Spring 5
COMP2014J Data Structs & Algs II (S/E) Spring 5
Stage 2 Core Modules
Stage 3 Core Modules
BDIC3023J Software Methodology Autumn 5
COMP3008J Distributed Systems Autumn 5
COMP3011J Mobile Computing Autumn 5
COMP3013J Object-Oriented Design Autumn 5
COMP3019J Web Application Develop Web Autumn 5
COMP3033J Computer Graphics Autumn 5
BDIC3026J Software Proj Management Spring 5
BDIC3027J Software Systems Architecture Spring 5
COMP3009J Information Retrieval Spring 5
COMP3018J System Des & Verification Spring 5
COMP3030J Software Engineering Project Spring 10
Stage 3 Core Modules
Stage 4 Core Modules
BDIC3024J Design Patterns Autumn 5
BDIC3025J Security & Privacy Autumn 5
COMP3005J Agile Processes Autumn 5
COMP3010J Machine Learning Autumn 5
COMP3014J Performance of Comp Systems Autumn 5
COMP3025J Augmented and Virtual Reality Autumn 5
COMP3006J Cloud Computing Spring 5
COMP3032J Degree Project Spring 15
COMP3035J Advanced Program Construction Spring 5
COMP3036J Parallel & Cluster Computing Spring 5
Stage 4 Core Modules
See the UCD Assessment website for further details

Module Weighting Info  
  Award GPA
Programme Module Weightings Rule Description Description >= <=
BHSCI012 Stage 4 - 70.00%
Stage 3 - 30.00%
Standard Honours Award First Class Honours



Second Class Honours, Grade 1



Second Class Honours, Grade 2






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