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UCD offers the broadest and most diverse Science programme in Ireland in the following courses:

  • Science SCU1 
    Science SCU1 is a common entry course that leads to a BSc degree in one of 22 majors:
    • Biological, Biomedical & Biomolecular Science degrees:
      • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
      • Cell & Molecular Biology
      • Environmental Biology
      • Genetics
      • Microbiology
      • Neuroscience
      • Pharmacology
      • Physiology
      • Plant Biology
      • Zoology
    • Chemistry & Chemical Sciences degrees:
      • Chemistry
      • Chemistry with Biophysical Chemistry
      • Chemistry with Environmental & Sustainable Chemistry
      • Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology
    • Mathematical, Physical & Geological Sciences degrees:
      • Applied & Computational Mathematics
      • Financial Mathematics
      • Mathematics
      • Statistics
      • Physics
      • Physics with Astronomy & Space Science
      • Theoretical Physics
      • Geology
  • Computer Science CSSA  
    Computer Science CSSA is a common entry course that leads to a BSc degree in one of the following:
    • Computer Science
    • Computer Science with Data Science
  • Actuarial & Financial Studies BSS3
    The Actuarial & Financial Studies course is a direct entry course leading to a Bachelor in Actuarial & Financial Studies. 
  • Sustainability STS1
    Sustainability STS1 is a common entry courses that leads to a BSc degree in one of the following:
    • Sustainability with Environmental Sciences
    • Sustainability with Social Sciences, Policy and Law
    • Sustainability with Business & Economics

Download the UCD Science pathways for more information on what you will study, internships and career opportunities. (pdf)


UCD offers the broadest and most diverse Science programme in Ireland, with degree courses in biological, biomedical, chemical, geological, mathematical, physical and computer sciences, all delivered by lecturers at the forefront of teaching and research.

Why study Science at UCD?
The Science SCU1 common entry course is designed to enable you to sample a number of subjects in your chosen area. This course is ideal if you are undecided about which area of Science interests you most as students have the flexibility to explore a range of Science subjects in First Year. The flexible curriculum also allows students to focus on a particular area in First Year. At the end of First Year, students choose a minimum of two subjects to study in Second Year (for example, Statistics and Financial Mathematics). Students make an informed decision about their degree subject at the end of Second Year. Students will major in one of the subjects they study in Second Year for their Third and Fourth Years.

Why study Computer Science at UCD?
The Computer Science CSSA course is designed for students who wish to specialise in computer science or data science, and want to pursue careers in software engineering, data analytics, the tech industry more generally, or research and development. There is no assumption that students have prior programming experience and all students will take introductory programming modules in First Year. At the end of Second Year, students have the option to major in either Computer Science or Computer Science with Data Science.

Why study Actuarial & Financial Studies at UCD?
The Actuarial & Financial Studies BSS3 course is designed for students interested in becoming actuaries. Students complete a professional work placement in third year that is integrated as part of the course in a financial institution or insurance company and equates to half the year’s work.


Why study Sustainability at UCD?

Sustainability is the great challenge of our time. It is enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals and achieving it will require an integrated approach to the protection of the Earth and its inhabitants. The Sustainability STS1 course is a unique programme combines the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability, enabling specialisation in one of those dimensions complemented by knowledge and skills from the others. Core modules provide a global perspective on sustainability and include interdisciplinary research, a professional placement, field work in Ireland and Europe and guest lectures from leading researchers, advocates and practitioners.

Significant advances in scientific understanding are most often achieved by interdisciplinary research, which is conducted within each school, across schools and colleges in UCD, and with researchers and institutions across the world. There are several centres of interdisciplinary collaboration within UCD to which many of our Principal Investigators are aligned:

“I’m from Boston, Massachusetts, USA and fell in love with UCD following a family visit to Ireland. The community feel of the University alongside the modern academic facilities really appealed to me. The campus, staff and student life in UCD has been so welcoming over the past few years that Dublin has started to feel like home. I am currently working in the Pharmaceutical industry as a Pharmacovigilance Specialist at IQVIA.”
Courtney Greene, Graduate