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Course Title Award
Advanced Disability Studies (W551) ProfCert
Applied Economics (W369) MSc
Archaeology (W493) GradDip
Archaeology (Z212) HDip
Archaeology (Z107) MLitt
Archaeology (W491) MSc
Archaeology (Z117) PhD


Course Title Award
Behavioural Economics (W376) MSc
Behavioural Neuroscience (W461) MSc


Course Title Award
Children & Youth Studies (W244) PhD
Cognitive Science (W358) MSc
Common Law (B209) MCL
Communication & Media (W442) GradDip
Communication & Media (W440) MSc
Comparative Social Change (W360) MSc
Consciousness & Embodiment (W309) MA
Contemporary European Philosophy (W456) MA
Criminology & Criminal Justice (B734) LLM
Criminology & Criminal Justice (B292) LLM
Criminology & Criminal Justice (B732) MSc
Criminology & Criminal Justice (B220) MSc
Critical Geographies: Power & Inequality (W462) MSc


Course Title Award
Digital Policy (W507) GradDip
Digital Policy (W471) MSc
Digital Policy (W470) ProfCert
Digital Policy (W569) ProfCert
Disability (W550) GradDip
Disability (W530) MSc
Disability Policy and Legislation (W552) ProfCert


Course Title Award
Economics (W015) HDip
Economics (W115) MLitt
Economics (W133) PhD
Economics and Data Analytics (W564) MSc
Education (W027) MA
Education (W327) ProfMasters
Education & Lifelong Learning (W116) MLitt
Education & Lifelong Learning (W135) PhD
Education, Children & Youth (W480) MSc
Educational Psychology (W334) DEdPsy
Environmental & Climate Law (B783) MSc
Equality Studies (W395) GradDip
Equality Studies (W105) MSc
Ethics: Theory and Practice (W398) MA
European Governance (W351) MSc
European Governance & Law (B144) PhD
European Law & Public Affairs (B300) LLM
European Politics & Policy (W346) MA
European Politics & Policy (W344) MSc
European Public Affairs & Law (W216) MEconSc
Experimental Archaeology & Material Culture (W373) GradDip
Experimental Archaeology & Material Culture (W349) MSc


Course Title Award
Gender Studies (W381) GradDip
Gender Studies (W383) MA
Gender, Politics & International Relations (W525) MSc
Gender, Politics and International Relations (W458) MA
Geography (W051) MA
Geography (W117) MLitt
Geography (W124) MSc
Geography (W137) PhD
Geopolitics & the Global Economy (W262) MA
Geospatial Data Analysis (W549) GradDip
Geospatial Data Analysis (W477) MSc
Global Human Development (W204) PhD
Global Solutions (W536) MSc


Course Title Award
Human Computer Interaction (W521) MSc
Human Rights (W035) MSc
Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology (W503) GradDip
Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology (W501) MSc


Course Title Award
Identity, Sexuality Mortality & Trauma (W556) ProfCert
Inclusive & Special Education (W424) GradDip
Information & Communication Studies (W118) MLitt
Information & Communication Studies (W139) PhD
Information Systems (W329) GradDip
Information Systems (W267) MSc
Intellectual Property & Information Technology (B296) LLM
International Commercial Law (B453) LLM
International Development (W299) GradDip
International Development (W301) MA
International Development (W303) MSc
International Financial Services Law (W388) LLM
International Human Rights (B440) LLM
International Law & Business (B736) MSc
International Law & Business (B438) MSc
International Political Economy (W290) MA
International Political Economy (W293) MSc
International Relations (W235) MA
International Relations (W036) MSc


Course Title Award
Law (B294) LLM
Law (B142) PhD
Library & Information Studies (W041) GradDip
Library & Information Studies (W006) MLIS


Course Title Award
MSc Qualifier Economics (CD37)
Middle East Politics (W393) MA
Multielement Behaviour Support (W557) ProfCert


Course Title Award
Peace and Conflict (W410) MA
Peace and Conflict (W408) MSc
Person Centered Programme Development (W558) ProfCert
Philosophy (W226) GradDip
Philosophy (W021) MA
Philosophy (W119) MLitt
Philosophy (W141) PhD
Philosophy & Literature (W305) GradDip
Philosophy & Literature (W179) MA
Philosophy & Public Affairs (W307) GradDip
Philosophy & Public Affairs (W182) MA
Political Theory (W277) MA
Politics (W023) MA
Politics (W233) MSc
Politics & Data Science (W475) GradDip
Politics & Data Science (W473) MSc
Politics & International Relations (W231) GradDip
Politics & International Relations (W143) PhD
Programming for Social Scientists (W527) ProfCert
Psychological Science (W241) MPsychSc
Psychology (W014) HDip
Psychology (W121) MLitt
Psychology (W145) PhD
Public Policy (W469) GradCert
Public Policy (W315) GradDip
Public Policy (W279) MPP
Public Policy (W151) PhD


Course Title Award
Quantitative & Computational Social Science (W542) PhD
Quantitative Economics (W352) MSc
Quantitative Text Analysis (W535) ProfCert


Course Title Award
Race, Migration & Decolonial Studies (W432) GradDip
Race, Migration & Decolonial Studies (W430) MA
Risk, Resilience & Sustainability (W464) MSc


Course Title Award
Social & Political Thought (W544) MA
Social Data Science (W559) MSc
Social Justice (W371) PhD
Social Policy (W050) HDip
Social Policy (W365) PhD
Social Policy, Social Work & Social Justice (W128) MSocSc
Social Work (W367) PhD
Social Work (W426) ProfMasters
Social Work, Welfare and Justice (W354) MSocSc
Sociology (W438) MA
Sociology (W123) MLitt
Sociology (W436) MSc
Sociology (W149) PhD
Sustainable Development (W485) MSc


Course Title Award
World Heritage (W427) PhD
World Heritage Management (X139) GradDip
World Heritage Management & Conservation (F098) MSc